One attendee at a recent Manchester rave went home with more than just good memories. And more memories to—ahem—create.

UK-based DJ and electronic music producer Next Generation Noise recently appeared at Manchester's O2 Victoria Warehouse for the socially distanced rave, which was headlined by legendary hardstyle artist Darren Styles.

At one point during his DJ set, Next Generation Noise decided it was time to send it. And by "it," we mean a gigantic blowup doll, which he launched into the crowd with the swiftness of Randy Johnson. No word on whether or not the raver on the receiving end actually left the venue with the inflatable sex doll, but there's no doubt it'd be one of the most unique souvenirs ever brought home from a show.

Check out the video below, in which Next Generation Noise hurls the doll into the crowd while dropping Firebeatz's remix of Rune RK's iconic "Calabria."




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