DJ Snake (real name William Sami Étienne Grigahcine) has cultivated a movement of devoted fans akin to an army. Forty-thousand of those troops stormed the Paris La Défense Arena on February 22nd to witness history as Grigahcine performed at the largest single-day electronic dance event Europe has ever seen. For those of us not lucky enough to be in his homeland with the masses that night, he's released a special aftermovie. 

The roughly 8-minute mini-movie, directed by Cody Macfly, Jeremie Levypon, and Bastien Dardeau, shows the magnitude of the event not only in size but in meaning for Grigahcine and his fans. Returning to where it all started for him is the ultimate full-circle moment. As fans were interviewed one word stood out in each conversation-"Incredible". 

As the current COVID-19 crisis continues, it's nice to look back on the simpler times when events like this could happen. We must relish in the good times of the past and know that once this is all over, more epic sets like this will come back. In the meantime, Grigahcine is here to deliver the entertainment even from quarantine as he recently released a gag song that samples Cardi B titled “Corona Virus.”