Dutch DJ Don Diablo has already brought us to the future through his music, out of-this-world performances, videos featuring robots, and a cool clothing line collection - but now he's taking it even further. He has released the first issue of his sci-fi comic book series, Hexagon.

Don Pepijn Schipper, better known as Don Diablo, debuted the comic book series this past fall at New York Comic Con and promoted it last month at C2E2 Chicago. The future house DJ described it as a coming-of-age story greatly influenced by his sci-fi favorites, Star Wars and The Last Starfighter

Don Diablo New York Comic Con 2019 SYFY Live Stage

CEO of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu, and Don Diablo at the 2019 New York Comic Con.

The comic book series follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Don. After he wins an unbeatable video game, he unknowingly brings about an alien invasion and finds himself stuck in an intergalactic battle that's been going on for years.

Although the story is geared towards a younger audience, its unifying factor is something that Schipper hopes will resonate with people of all ages. At New York Comic Con he said the reason why he loves Star Wars, sci-fi and comics is "that it's not just about the story, it's about the underlying story. About how it brings people together." 

Don Diablo Hexagon Comic Book

Hexagon Issue 1

Hexagon is available for purchase in comic book stores worldwide or on Impact Theory's website. The comic book house is also home to Steve Aoki's ongoing Neon Future comic book series

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