Established in Sheffield circa 1996, Drum&BassArena has cemented itself as the foremost hub for all things DnB. Its roots as a breakbeat-oriented website have grown to spread into a full-fledged brand encompassing official compilations, tours, merchandise, and more. With such a rich history and passion for the genre, it was only natural for Drum&BassArena to compile that history into one massive exposé. That's exactly what it has done, and a new documentary called Drum & Bass: The Movement is now on the way. 

Five years in the making, The Movement is a feature-length documentary that explores the entire breadth of the genre from its roots right up to the present. Directed by Bailey Hyatt, produced by Craig Haynes, and written by Dave Jenkins, the 80-minute film features some very familiar faces within the world of jungle and DnB.

Legendary artists like Andy CGoldieKasraLondon ElektricityMC GQ, and more speak about the extensive history of drum & bass, its development into a mainstay of electronic dance music, and what's to be expected for the future. Including such iconic names in the film will certainly ensure that The Movement becomes the holy grail of information on drum & bass, and gives newcomers and veterans alike a glimpse into the genre's wildly unique culture. 

The premiere of Drum & Bass: The Movement will be released on May 25th and you can watch here. Find out more at Drum&BassArena's official website