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Sam Black, a popular DJ and the former fiancée of Ekali, has accused the electronic music producer of domestic violence and abuse.

In a tweet posted on October 17th, 2020, Black shared accusations against Ekali in which she alleges both verbal and physical abuse as well as a domestic violence incident in which police were called to her home. According to Black, after she kicked Ekali out of the home they shared, police were called to investigate. "...I kicked you out because the police came to OUR home (after your manager and best friend told me to call the cops on you because they can't even handle you) and when the cops wanted to arrest you for domestic violence assault and battery after you abused me verbally AND physically, but I STILL helped you by not pressing the charges that day but instead asked the police to 5150 you, so that you don't lose your visa and get permanent record."

In her post, Black also goes on to accuse Ekali of infidelity, among other transgressions, writing that he "put [her] through hell." The two were engaged in November 2019. "Not to mention, one week after this you go on a holiday to Boulder to fuck another 21 year old girl? Wow... You are truly an evil horrible human being," Black wrote. "You put me through hell by gaslighting, lying, cheating, and abusing me, abusing drugs, going to rehab which I stood by you for, and then to watch you relapse in Tulum, on a 4 day bender from hell, on my work trip, get arrested on the flight home and handcuffed & detained in LAX, and then AGAIN get detained and handcuffed from our house THE NEXT DAY."

In a statement provided to Your EDM, Black explained the incident in further detail. "He came at me verbally attacking me following me around the house screaming he didn’t do anything wrong (the previous night was the LAX police incident) and I was calling and texting his managers and best friends to come get him," she said. "They said we are done, we can’t help him just call the police. Then he grabbed me by both arms so hard and that’s when I called the cops. They came and wanted to charge and arrest him for domestic violence but I asked them to take him as a 5150 so he wouldn’t have a record."

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Black's inclusion of the term "5150" refers to the number of the section of the Welfare and Institutions Code that allows an adult who is experiencing a mental health crisis to be involuntarily detained for psychiatric hospitalization and evaluation after they are deemed to be a danger to others. Black also shared photos of bruises on her arms, which she attributes to the episode in question.

After Black's initial tweet containing her allegations began to circulate via social media, others reached out to divulge their own experiences with Ekali. Black shared a number of those stories and also encouraged others to reach out with their accounts. "If anyone else out there has the courage to come clean and tell me, trust me I do not blame you, I know how manipulative and evil he is, please please send me a private message I will keep it confidential for you, it’s not your fault it’s his," she wrote.

At the time of this article's publishing, Ekali has not yet publicly responded to Black's allegations. 

Editor's Note: For professional guidance and support, speak with a sexual assault service provider via The National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.



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