After kicking off 2020 with his debut album A World Away, future bass wunderkind Ekali is seeing double vision. The red-hot producer and DJ took to social media today to announce that his new album, which he plans to release later this year under a new alias, is ready. Ekali initially announced the project back in December 2019 ahead of the release of A World Away.

Heading to Twitter to share the exciting news, Ekali was mum on the details, but far from cryptic about the project's imminent release. "Another album this year, under a side project," he wrote. "New name, different vibe. So excited."

It's safe to add this album to the laundry list of highly anticipated, unreleased projects Ekali has on the docket, which includes a fan favorite collaboration with Skrillex that has been teased countless times at live shows.

For the Ekali super-fan clamoring for more from the Canadian future bass king, check out our interview with him back in January of this year where he waxes poetic about mental health struggles and overcoming self-doubt on the journey to releasing his ballyhooed debut album.

As of the time of writing, Ekali hasn't announced any further details about the alias or album, including names, titles, or a release dates.