Ekali has canceled his Friday, November 15th performance at Europe Night Club in St. Louis, Missouri following an alleged altercation involving him, his team, and members of their staff.

In a video clip tweeted by Ekali (real name Nathan Shaw), the club's employees appear to shout obscenities at the person recording them outside his car before one forcibly takes the device from their hand. "I came in quite sick, was shoved around behind the booth, staff tried to jump my tour manager," Shaw said. "I don’t play when I don’t feel like me and my team are safe. After this video he threatened to shoot me in the face."

In subsequent tweets, Shaw said that the staff member in the video tried to enter his vehicle and assault him. "Im sorry to those I disappointed, I’ll be back soon in a venue not ran by thugs," he wrote.

Europe Night Club did not immediately respond to EDM.com's request for comment. 


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