Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory complex isn't producing vehicles yet, but it did hold its first rave over the weekend. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously quipped that he'd been considering whether various areas of the complex, including the solar panel-dotted rooftop, might be suitable for a "mega rave cave." 

Now, with Giga Fest, he's made good on his intentions. The county fair-style attraction featured arcade games, carnival rides, Tesla accelerator ride-alongs, and a marathon of DJ sets spanning the day from morning to sundown. 

The rave drew in an estimated 9,000 attendees mainly from the surrounding areas of Brandenburg and Berlin, Insider reports. Musk, a techno music enthusiast, and dance music producer himself, also attended the event. The Boring Company founder has long championed electronic music.

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Giga Fest attendees were also afforded the opportunity to tour the factory itself, which is expected to begin vehicle production by November of this year. 

The Berlin location marks Tesla's fourth Gigafactory to date and the company's first European location. The $7 billion complex is where an estimated 8,000 employees will report to work. 


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