The depth of EDM's roots in contemporary music is unfathomable. They go back decades and inspire and influence some of the greatest minds in the history of music, including legendary musician Elton John.

John and his husband, David Furnish, recently recorded a new episode of the former's Apple Music Beats 1 radio show, "Rocket Hour," in which the two wax poetic about their appreciation for electronic music. They also chat about their admiration for Donna Summer, Depeche Mode, and iconic electronic outfit Kraftwerk. "I've always been a big electronic music fan, and I remember the first time I heard Kraftwerk sing Autobahn, and I'd heard nothing like it before in my life," said Furnish. "And I was a big science fiction TV fan. I loved Star Trek and science fiction films, and suddenly there was music that just captured the future in a way that I'd never heard before. And I'm still a big electronic music lover today."

John, who recently appeared on Lady Gaga's EDM-driven Chromatica LP, doubled down on his husband's sentiments about Kraftwerk. "I love [Autobahn] because it was the first record I ever heard that really sounded German as far as pop music went. It just is a seminal record in electronic music," he said. "I think their album Trans-Europe Express it's one of my all-time favorite records. I remember smoking a joint and listening to it on really loud speakers and I thought I saw God during that album.”

You can listen to a preview of the interview here and tune into the full episode when it airs this Saturday, July 4th at 9AM PDT (12PM ET) here.