Fabled electronic music producer and DJ Eric Prydz is not known for modesty when it comes to his stage designs. The Swedish sage has long been recognized as one of the industry's true trailblazers in terms of not only music production, but also live event production. Prydz and his team harness an unwavering desire to push the envelope of his live DJ sets, painstakingly working to develop some of the most subversive visual displays EDM fans have ever seen, like his "V O I D" and "HOLOSPHERE" productions.

When the organizers of preeminent music fest Tomorrowland announced the brand's foray into the virtual space, Prydz saw an opportunity and pounced on it like a panther on a wild boar. He went on to announce the debut of his immersive "[CELL.]" stage design before unveiling it in a teaser video, which flung his fanbase headlong into a fever pitch ahead of the livestream event.

Following its debut at Tomorrowland Around The World, Prydz took to Facebook to share a video of the mind-bending "[CELL.]" production, reinforcing his status as a bona fide EDM neoteric. You can watch the clip below.


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