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Eric Prydz has slyly teased that a massive 2023 tour is likely on the horizon. 

Back in September, Prydz' world-famous HOLO show series was announced as part of Ultra Music Festival's 2023 lineup. Even on a stacked lineup with Carl Cox, Hardwell and other electronic music greats, it was an immediate standout on the bill. 

While it was the subject of much interest at the time, it seems the Ultra announcement was just the tip of the iceberg for something even bigger: a 2023 HOLO tour. Prydz stopped short of divulging all the details, but he gave enough of a teaser on Twitter to spark some excitement.

For those unfamiliar with Prydz's HOLO, it is widely regarded as one of the most—if not the most—visually stunning and forward-thinking touring shows. The jaw-dropping sets feature stunning 3D holograms on the big screen, soundtracked by the spellbinding progressive house sounds of the iconic "Opus" producer.

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Given the technological scale of such an undertaking, HOLO shows have been relatively few and far between over the years. In 2022 Prydz reserved these performances for dance music's biggest stages, but notably after ADE and Tomorrowland, it seems he's gearing up to bring HOLO to a wider range of audiences in the coming year.




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