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Eric Prydzmost technologically advanced show yet, EPIC 6.0: Holosphere, will not return to Tomorrowland this weekend. While weekend one of the stage show went on as planned, the collapse of the Freedom Stage will prevent organizers from fielding the ambitious performance during its second weekend.

It was during Tomorrowland's annual Neighbourhood Party, an event for the residents of Boom, Belgium, that the roof of the Freedom Stage partially collapsed. There were no injuries due to the incident. 

The malfunction will not be able to be fixed in time for Prydz' weekend two set, however, which has forced them to cancel Holosphere. Tomorrowland is responding by removing the stage's roof entirely. Prydz will still be performing on the Freedom Stage, but without the Holosphere setup. 

Outside of posting a sad face emoji on Twitter, Prydz has not offered further comment on the Holosphere cancellation. According to the festival's organizers, all originally scheduled acts on the Freedom Stage will continue to perform during weekend two. 






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