Two people were hospitalized after a stabbing incident at Esto Es Tulum Festival (EET) in Tulum, Mexico on Monday, January 6th. Local cartel members were reportedly behind the attacks, after the victims were mistaken for gang members.

The attacks took place during the ANTS Party at Cenote Casa Tortuga in Tulum, after which the victims were rushed to the hospital. One victim was left in critical condition with stab wounds to the neck. No information about the other is available at the time of writing. 

EET was set to take place from December 27th, 2019 through January 11th. The Tuesday, January 7th event, Vatos Locos, was cancelled after the incident took place, but it is unclear at this time whether the subsequent events will continue through January 11th. Esto Es Tulum Festival issued an official statement about the Tuesday cancellation: 

esto es tulum

All Esto Es Tulum attendees who purchased tickets for the canceled event on Tuesday are being refunded, and EET apologized for the inconvenience. Updates on the victims are still unavailable after this tragic and unfortunate incident. 

H/T: DJ Mag