Earlier this month we shared how Excision and Illenium are collaborating. This did take some people by surprise as the tweet from Illenium came during April Fools time so some were speculating that this might just be a mere joke. But, it wasn’t as the tweet came out hours before April Fools. This was the tweet if you missed it:

Since these are some of the biggest guys in the game, fans just couldn’t hold their excitement. People were going left and right posting “Oh man, I hope this isn’t a joke” etc. But thankfully, Illenium dropped the ID at Coachella which gave the fans some assurance that a huge track will be dropping soon. Recently Excision shared a small teaser video and boy does this sounds mad. Check out the video below:

Definitely seems like something with crazy energy and a blend of styles from both the artists. The track might be named as Gold, and well, this does sound like gold. We are super excited about this track and can’t wait for it to drop. We hope you guys are as excited about this as much as we are. Do follow the artists on their socials to stay updated!