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Last month, we reported on Excision's announcement of a new livestream series, which was revealed following a wildly successful three-day Couch Lands virtual event that re-broadcasted many past live sets from his bass music festival Lost Lands.

Fast-forward to today, when Excision took to Instagram to announce that his Lost Lands production team has been hard at work developing a brand new virtual mainstage for the next Couch Lands stream, which will be airing on May 30th, 2020. Addressing his headbangers directly in the post, he rhapsodizes about the new virtual stage before closing it by saying that him and his team are "finally ready to unveil it."

Fans should be on the edge of their seats considering the elite production quality Excision has offered up over the years. The new digital mainstage will premiere during the May 30th livestream, which will begin at 5PM ET (2PM PST). Bass music fans will be delighted to know that they can tune into Lost Lands DJ sets from ATLiens, Boogie T, Calcium, Doctor P, Funtcase, Ghastly, G-REX, LEV3L, PhaseOne, Riot Ten, STUCA, Tisoki, and Ubur.

To be notified when the event goes live on May 30th, follow the official Lost Lands Twitch account here.

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