Feed Me and Flux Pavilion are finally ready to fulfill the wildest dreams of their basshead fans with a forthcoming collaboration. On Friday, Feed Me took to social media to drop a brief teaser of their song and tag Flux Pavilion.

Hours after posting, it seems there was still a burning thought eating at Feed Me who followed up the initial tweet with another, which read, "I still have no idea what time signature we made this in."

While the setup appears to have all the makings of a mind-bending sonic journey, the teaser starts out innocent enough. A soft-spoken vocal invitingly lures listeners into a sense of security before a sudden dose of reality hits in the form of a colorful, blaring lead. This is a Feed Me and Flux Pavilion track after all, and the two producers aren't exactly known for their subtlety. Though the teaser still leaves much to the imagination, what we've heard thus far all but ensures the two heavyweight producers are bringing the full force their fans would expect.

Feed Me and Flux Pavilion were first believed to be collaborating last year as the two held a studio session together along with Kill the Noise. The title and release date for their upcoming collaboration has not yet been revealed at the time of writing.


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