Flume has proven that his experimental signature sound flourishes even within the confines of a conventional beat structure. The Australian DJ/producer was featured on the BBC Radio 1 special Annie Mac's Mini Mix, and he took the opportunity to showcase his house music repertoire. 

As one might expect, Flume (real name Harley Edward Streten) demonstrates an appreciation for house that favors the lo-fi end of the spectrum. His five-minute mix flits between cuts by the likes of Dark Sky, XYZ and Ross From Friends. BPM be damned, Streten's ear for inventive textures, haunting melodies, and unconventional storytelling methods shines through in the mini mix.

Streten rose to fame in the early years of the EDM boom and played a significant role in the popularization of the future bass genre. Although he went on a release hiatus following his 2017 Skin LP, he's recently proven as capable of pushing the envelope as ever. His Hi This Is Flume mixtape, which came out earlier in the year, arguably saw him at his innovative best.

Listen to Flume's "Hi This Is 4/4" feature on Annie Mac's Mini Mix on the BBC Radio 1 website, available as a free download for U.K. users. 

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