Flume recently donned a marching band uniform and performed saxophone for a one-of-a-kind performance of "Rushing Back." It took place at the Studio Brussel Showcase, where Flume (real name Harley Edward Streten) performed live alongside MEUTE, a German marching band that has covered his work previously. 

In 2018, MEUTE covered Streten's "You and Me" remix and achieved viral attention. The eleven-piece arrangement of brass and drum musicians made a powerful statement, so much so that evidently the group caught the attention of Streten himself.

In a new video published on Studio Brussel's YouTube account, MEUTE performs "Rushing Back" alongside the producer. Streten didn't hesitate to make the most of the performance and even took a solo on the saxophone in the process. The Sydney artist has been known to be a multi-instrumentalist, but up until this point his abilities on the saxophone had scarcely been captured. 

Flume's original release of "Rushing Back" was released in late September and features Vera Blue


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