On the most recent episode of the popular My Friend Podcast, host Paige Elkington interviewed one of EDM's biggest stars, Flume, who just so happens to be her partner. In the tell-all interview, he gets very personal and shares details about his anxiety.

Sharing a common fear with much of the world, in the interview later transcribed by DJ Mag, Flume (real name Harley Streten) spoke about how he is terrified of public speaking and how he had to try to overcome that fear. In his own words: 

“I don’t like attention. I like a little bit, but I don’t seek it, ever… I hate public speaking, I’m afraid of it.

This music started working and essentially I became a public speaker… my worst nightmare. I pushed through it for four or five years, being like ‘You know what? If I just keep doing this, eventually I’ll get over it’. I did it for five years, didn’t get over it.”

He would later explain how he suffers from anxiety at every performance of his and how he tried to find ways to cope with it. He also speaks on how he would use alcohol to help with his nerves but would later quit due to it becoming problematic. Luckily, he states that anti-depressants have made his worry more manageable. 

Flume's episode of Paige Elkington's My Friend Podcast is out now. You can download or stream the episode on Apple Podcasts here

H/T: DJ Mag


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