Flume released his documentary When Everything Was New on Apple Music less than a year ago. It accompanied by Sleepless and showcasing the story behind Future Classic, the Australian label responsible for bringing Flume the success he enjoys today. 

Now the Grammy Award-winning artist and producer (real name Harley Streten) has released When Everything Was New split into four parts on his YouTube channel. 

Fans who haven't had the chance to view the documentary already (which is named after track 10 in his sophomore album Skin) should definitely watch it now. Masterfully directed by Nic Wrathall, it goes over Streten's humble beginnings as a bedroom producer, how he got the attention of Future Classic, his creative process, and ultimately the journey towards the release of Skin in 2016, a critically-acclaimed effort that won Best Dance/Electronic Album a year later at the Grammy Awards

Flume: When Everything Was New (Documentary Part 1)

Flume: When Everything Was New (Documentary Part 2)

Flume: When Everything Was New (Documentary Part 3)

Flume: When Everything Was New (Documentary Part 4)

Flume's self-titled debut album came in 2012 and immediately caught the attention of fans and publications all over the world. The Australian producer has since went on to become one of electronic music's most forward-thinking figures, and has collaborated with artists such as Nick Murphy A.K.A. Chet Faker, Kendrick LamarLittle Dragon and Beck.  

In December 2018 Flume teased his return, so it will be exciting to see how the producer will continue his musical endeavors in 2019. 

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