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In the wake of his stunning sophomore album and the birth of his first child, it seems Flux Pavilion is as inspired as ever.

After the release of his scintillating .wav LP in January 2021, the electronic music vet announced less than a month later that he was writing its successor, tentatively titled .wav pt2. The iconic "I Can't Stop" producer, who is also in the process of writing his first-ever ambient record, has now taken to Twitter to tease the highly anticipated album—and fans can expect a heavyweight.

"Remember this day when my next album comes out," he tweeted yesterday, December 6th. "Today is the day I discovered its sound. And it's all about the drops."

The statement comes as a bit of a surprise after the dubstep icon shared that he was moving on from the genre shortly before the release of .wav, which explored new sonic frontiers in a dazzling sophomore effort. While the tweet's context doesn't overtly signal a dubstep-inspired album on the horizon, fans can certainly read the tea leaves. It's not out of the question that he returns to form on one or more of its tracks.

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Meanwhile, Flux has remained as prolific as he is exploratory when it comes to his original music. Earlier this summer he joined forces with Elohim and Ookay for the anthemic dance-pop track "Be OK" before teaming up with renowned chiptune group Anamanaguchi in November for "Dreams," a collab that appears on the Rocket League Sideswipe soundtrack. He also announced that he's working with Emmy-nominated comedian and actor Hannibal Buress on a new song, which may appear on his upcoming third album.




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A color press photo of English DJ/producer Flux Pavilion (real name Joshua Steele) standing in front of a white brick wall.

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