The story of Fyre Festival continues to unfold after several high-profile lawsuits have emerged. A trustee involved with the festival is suing multiple artists, influencers, and talent agencies to reclaim some of the money lost in the festival. 

Blink-182Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, alongside agencies representing Tyga, Pusha T, Skepta and more have all been dealt lawsuits.

Although the details of the lawsuit can be confusing to people who don't study the law, the trustee is seeking to reclaim the fees the artists, labels, and influencers were paid to perform at and promote the festival, because the festival never actually happened and because the money was collected illegally by Billy McFarland.

In a quote obtained by Billboard, a lawyer spoke on the deadline Paradigm is facing. In his own words:

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"The Trustee and Paradigm Parties intend to continue to engage in discussions regarding the Potential Claims, but will be unable to complete doing so before the Deadline expires"

He then goes onto say that both sides are looking to settle the suit before it makes it to court. This story is still developing and more details will be revealed in the future. 

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UPDATE: Corrected typo in the title.



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