The organizers of Fyre Festival found themselves beneath a mountain of litigation following the event's ill-fated 2017 debut. To a lesser extent, the minds behind the documentaries detailing the fiasco appear to be following suit.

A Fyre attendee named Austin Mills has alleged that the producers of FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened used footage he recorded at the festival against his wishes. The 15-second clip - which showed festivalgoers' initial reactions to the gathering's now infamous failings - had originally been uploaded to YouTube.

Netflix has already landed in hot water for similar offenses in regards to the same film. Among them is a case in which attendee Clarissa Cardenas has alleged that the company unlawfully used an image without her permission.

The Netflix documentary was one of two that dealt with the same topic matter. The other, titled Fyre Fraud, came out on Hulu and has also been the subject of legal scrutiny.

In a separate case, a trustee involved with the festival is also suing influencers involved with the production such as Blink-182, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski.

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