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After the disastrous debacle that was Fyre Festival in 2017, the drama continues. The two documentaries from Netflix and Hulu shed some light on what exactly went down with the failed festival. But now, Gregory Messer, the federal trustee who is overseeing Fyre's bankruptcy, is looking for more answers. He's set his sights on "insider footage" that was part of both documentaries and how it was obtained.

According to Bloomberg, Messer wants to know how much founder Billy McFarland was paid to appear in the Hulu documentary, in addition to how the streaming services got their hands on the insider footage. “In order to create the documentaries, both Hulu and Netflix used unique behind-the-scenes footage of the festival,” says the trustee. 

Messer is seeking to recover $26 million for Fyre's creditors. His subpoenas against Netflix and Hulu are still pending, and would account for about half of the money be recovered. Additionally, Messer also wants to issue subpoenas to StubhubVivid Seats, and Billy McFarland's mother, collectively totaling nearly $1.2 million. 

There's no telling when we'll see the end of all of the controversy surrounding the doomed Fyre Festival, but it's certain that its failure and the ensuing fallout is still a very hot topic.

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