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Renowned DJ and electronic music producer Gareth Emery has deleted his verified TikTok account, decrying the social media platform for its impact on mental health.

Emery shared a candid post on Instagram denouncing TikTok, which he believes is detrimental due to its "hyper addictive" nature. He also bemoaned the platform for its propensity to throttle the lifecycle of its music in the pursuit of virality.

"I believe hyper addictive  platforms are horrible for mental health, including mine. After using it myself, I wouldn't want my own kids on it, so it's against my personal ethics to recommend it to you," Emery wrote. "Instead... I want to spend my time making art. The best music possible, inspiring videos, long sets with beautiful production, shit that changes lives. Not 7 second videos which are viral today, forgotten tomorrow."

Despite his move to quit TikTok, Emery noted that he understands and supports the young artists who depend on the platform to reach a larger audience. As an influential artist and veteran in the dance music space, he acknowledged that leaving the network "won’t have much negative impact" on his career.

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Content moderation on the controversial social network has been a topic of consternation among parents, many of whom claim their kids are subject to harassment and cyberbullying. The company's employees have also fallen victim to the upshot of its content. In December 2021, a content moderator filed a lawsuit against TikTok and its parent company after she said she developed PTSD as a result of watching "horrific stuff nonstop."

A 2021 study found that one in four people discover music on TikTok, which claimed in September 2021 to have 1 billion monthly active users. 23% of respondents said they were first introduced to electronic dance music on the platform.




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