The career of Southern California promoter Gary Richards appears to follow a pattern - one he recently decided to bring to light. The AMFAMFAMF founder and LiveStyle North America president shared a slide show of rave flyers, pointing out his seminal role in each event brand.

In an Instagram post consisting of multiple images, Richards touched on his founding role in several world-renowned parties. "Not gonna lie and no disrespect, I started each one of these events from day one - ground zero," he wrote. "One day the full story will be told."

Among the flyers was that of the original Electric Daisy Carnival, which Richards organized alongside Steve Kool Aid (real name Stephen Enos) from 1991-1993 - years before Pasquale Rotella threw an event of the same name in 1997. Rotella allegedly received verbal permission from Richards to use the brand for his own events, although a 2015 trademark suit by Richards would claim otherwise.

Also included in the image gallery were flyers for the inaugural HARD and Holy Ship!, which Richards organized in 2007 and 2012, respectively. Rotella's Insomniac now runs both events.

Richards recently performed a "Sunrise Sermon" set as DESTRUCTO on his recently launched cruise ship festival, FriendShip. He will kick off his Twisted Tour 2020 with a performance at Sound-Bar in Chicago, Illinois on February 7th.

H/T: Your EDM