Out of all the music genres, the electronic music scene has perhaps led the way in introducing innovative techniques to reach its audience. What began with livestreams have now blossomed into full-on car raving.

This creative approach was imagined by the German team behind the festival WORLD CLUB DOME. Since it was postponed to 2021 due to the current global pandemic, they put on their thinking caps and came up with the idea of bringing the event to a parking lot, allowing fans to experience the first-ever livestreaming event from inside the Autokino Düsseldorf Drive-In Cinema Stadium.

BigCityBeats' WORLD CLUB DOME Drive-In featured amazing pyrotechnics, fireworks, and artists like DJ Le Shuuk, Tiefblau, Plastikfunk, and Topic taking the stage in front of a line of cars filled with ravers, all safe in their respective cars. Attendees were instructed to tune into the sets, transmitted by FM radio, just as they would in drive-in movie theaters. Can you imagine how many car horns were blaring in excitement during this crazy experience? 

With Germany's innovation leading the way, it's safe to assume festival companies across the globe might follow in their footsteps, setting this as the new standard of live entertainment during the age of social distancing. BigCityBeats is already gearing up for the second edition of the "Drive-In Rave," which is set to take place on May 20th, 2020. If you happen to live in Düsseldorf and want to attend one of these epic events, check here for more information.


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H/T: EDMManiac