Gesaffelstein (real name Mike Lévy) has risen with the tease of two mysterious billboards in New York City and another in an undisclosed metropolitan area. The French techno producer made his last appearance at Coachella 2015 after announcing his retirement - but the publicity stunt might mean he's planning a return to the stage. 

Lévy was last featured with The Weeknd on "I Was Never There” and “Hurt You,"  two standout tracks from My Dear Melancholy EP the latter artist released earlier this year. He produces industrial-tinged techno and electro under the moniker Gesaffelstein, a portmanteau of the words Gesamtkunstwerk (a multimedia genre whose name directly translates to "total work of art") and Albert Einstein. 


Lévy signed to Tiga's Turbo Recordings label in 2010, issuing Variations that year, followed by Conspiracy Pt.1 and II in 2011. His breakout year was 2013 when he produced two tracks on Yeezus, the sixth studio album of Kanye West: the lead single, "Black Skinhead," and "Send It Up." Also credited on both tracks were Daft Punk, Brodinski, and Mike Dean.

It remains to be seen whether Gesaffelsteins billboards are a sign that new music, new tour dates or both are on the way.