Last weekend wasn't the first time Getter has faced backlash from fans who miss his heavier sound, but it might have been the most swiftly he's dealt with one. The Los Angeles DJ/producer called a fan who heckled him at Bassmnt in San Diego onstage to embarrass him in front of the crowd.

As can be heard in the fan-recorded clip, Getter (real name Tanner Petula) tells the audience that the attendee held up a phone displaying the words "go harder" during his set. "After you, bro, take it away," he says as the fan walks into the DJ booth. "Give it up for Chad, let's go!"

After several seconds of silence, Petulla instructed the fan to exit the stage before picking up where he left off.

Petulla's 2018 album Visceral marked a shift towards more mature sounds that was not well received by a vocal minority within his fan base. After a handful of similar incidents, he canceled the remaining dates on his tour of the same name back in April.

Petulla will perform next at the 2019 edition of Audiotistic in Southern California on December 28th.

H/T: Your EDM