In a very straight-to-the-point tweet, Getter announced that he’s working on the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album, Visceral

Although there are no details other than the work in progress tweet, fans have already began speculating as to what direction he will take for his sophomore album. Despite breaking into the dance music world as a dubstep artist, Getter, (real name Tanner Petulla) has explored a wide range of genres.

Released on deadmau5’ label, mau5trap, and featuring a number of high-profile collaborators like Nothing, Nowhere and Joji, fans of the multi-genre producer fell in love with the experimental nature of Visceral. His announcement precedes his Visceral Live tour, which kicks off February 27th at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon.

In addition to the experimental nature of his Getter project, Petulla performs hip-hop as his alter-ego, Terror Reid. Alongside the Getter album announcement, he reassured fans that his long-awaited Terror Reid album is still on the way. 

Outside of the music world, Petulla announced the creation of his very own gaming team, Chaqatas.

Little is known about the team other than the roster and that they intend on posting “hella videos soon.” The team did a short Valentine’s Day stream and have set up their social media pages, YouTube Channel, and a Discord server.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut