Getter has established himself not only as a major influence in dance music, but also in the worlds of hip-hop and melodic music. His works are praised by both fans and critics alike, and his infrequent releases are highly sought after. 

On Wednesday, September 9th, the Shred Collective don let fans know that they should be expecting an EP released "any day now." Unfortunately for those fans, the bass music star remained cryptic and refrained from announcing a release date, title, or any further information. While almost nothing is known about the EP, it's still an incredibly exciting announcement for fans who have been patiently waiting. 

The last major electronic music-focused project we saw from Getter was his phenomenal 2018 album, Visceral. Since then, he's offered up a handful of singles, which have been sporadically released, including "Represent," "Heartless," "Never Change" with Hvrdlxck, and "Ham Sandwich." He also released a 7-track collaborative album with ELIOZIE in 2018 entitled Loose Cannon.

Check out Getter's announcement below.