The hype surrounding Getter's next EP is starting to bubble over. 

Yesterday the bass music luminary took to social media to share an esoteric image in Morse code, which fans quickly cracked to reveal a message that reads "six original songs." Once out, the record will be Getter's first since NAPALM arrived in October 2020. 

Prior to the cryptic post the unnamed EP had already become ingrained in Getter's fanbase as a highly anticipated project. He has been the teasing the record since as early as November 2020, when he tweeted that it "blows NAPALM out of the water." He recently dumped gasoline on the excitement in April 2021, promising fans that not one, but multiple EPs were on the way.

When spoke to Getter about the wonky NAPALM EP, which also featured six tracks, he told us the number was no coincidence. "I've always felt six is a great number for releases. Not too long, not too short," he explained. "All the songs blend together as well, so you can leave it playing from the first song and experience it like a full project, or enjoy it piece by piece."

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Check out Getter's Morse code message below.

Image shared by Getter revealing an upcoming EP with six original songs.

Image shared by Getter revealing an upcoming EP with six original songs.





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