After cancelling his Visceral tour amid fan criticism and backlash, Tanner Petulla, better known as Getter, has announced he will be bringing the Visceral show back once more. This time around, Los Angeles fans will be able to witness the show at Brownies & Lemonade's Block Party on June 3rd. 

Getter had previously cancelled the Visceral album tour, after receiving negative criticism about the live performance of the new album. "The constant hate and the disgusting attitudes I’m faced with are destroying me," said Petulla after all of the backlash about the album tour. It seemed as though some fans weren't happy with the new direction of the producer's sound, and Getter took a social media hiatus after the cancellation. 

However, recently, Getter returned to social media to announce that he would continue making the music that he enjoys making. This was exciting news for true Getter fans who were let down by the tour cancellation, and may have worried that Petulla was done making music for good. 

Now those same fans will be happy to see that Brownies & Lemonade and Getter have announced that Visceral will indeed return as a live show, at the Brownies & Lemonade Block Party on June 3rd. Visceral is back, and it appears Getter will continue to produce, tour, and enjoy making the music he loves once more. 

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