Electronic music wonderboy and LBGTQ+ champion GRiZ (real name Grant Kwiecinski) is repping pride by getting down to his skivvies. Partnering with leading underwear company MeUndies (cue the Bill Burr jingle), Kwiecinski will be the face of their 2019 Pride Collection. 

Kwiecinski has modeled the new pride collection for MeUndies. Additionally, he shared his moving story and message of empowerment in a short video, in which he describes the importance of loving one's self. 

"MeUndies’ mission is to fuel authentic self-expression,” said MeUndies’ Founder and CEO Jonathan Shokrian. “As long as our community feels empowered to be who they genuinely are, then we know we’re doing our job. That’s why celebrating Pride runs so deep with us. Partnering with GRiZ in bringing these values to life was an honor, and we’re proud to share this collaboration dedicated to giving more people the confidence to stand up for themselves and be proud of who they are."

GRiZ has been a strong voice for the LBGTQ+ community since publicly coming out in 2017 in a feature from Huffington Post. Advocating for the rights of all and partnering with the It Gets Better Project, GRiZ has previously managed to raise substantial amounts of money for the cause. His undertaking with MeUndies will raise money for the Happy Hippie Foundation, a nonprofit that supports LBGTQ+ youth, homeless youth, and other causes. 


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