Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been known to feature a mixture of up-and-coming and superstar dance music artists. This week was no exception, as Jimmy Kimmel hosted Gryffin and Elley Duhé for a performance of their song "Tie Me Down."

Alongside a drummer, Duhé commanded the crowd with her emphatic vocals while Gryffin chose a guitar and synth over a mixer for his national television debut. The two had the crowd in an uproar, as their performance seemed to electrify the audience more than Kimmel's average musical guest. 

"Tie Me Down" is featured on Gryffin's latest EP Gravity: Part I, released last week. Gravity: Part I is the first in a pair of EPs that will be combined to make up his debut album Gravity

Last month, we spoke with Gryffin and learned how he made the transition from electrical engineering school to full-time touring artist. 

Elley Duhé has had a massive 2018 as her collaboration with Zedd, "Happy Now" reached #8 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts. 

Gravity: Part I is out now on Darkroom/Geffen Records. You can stream or download it here.

H/T: Your EDM 


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