Around 300 guests who attended the Flamingo Club in Zurich last week have been ordered to quarantine following their exposure to COVID-19.

The revelation that the club's attendees had been exposed to the virus came after one man, who was at the club on June 21st, tested positive several days later on June 25th. A group of five others who attended the club with the man have also reportedly tested positive. The quarantine period for all guests and staff who were at the venue will be ten days.

The news arrives less than a month after Switzerland's nightlife industry began its long-awaited reopening. Upon reopening, venues were conditionally instructed to operate at limited capacity with a maximum of 300 attendees. Social distancing rules, however, have been relaxed upon entry into the nation's clubs thus far. 

A report by Deep Knowledge Group in June called Switzerland the safest country in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. The country has effectively managed its case load and initially maintained strict lockdown procedures. However, cases are once again increasing as the country continues to reopen. Switzerland reopened its borders on June 15th and very recently permitted gatherings of 1,000 or more to once again take place.