Dip into Music Heaven With This Beautifully Eclectic Hangout Festival Lineup!

2018 is looking hotter than ever.

Hanging out never looked so good!

Dip your toes in the shores of Alabama next spring with this flawless lineup! Hangout Music Festival has been the chillest place for music enthusiasts since 2010 - evolving into a music festival oasis. It has gained its appeal from its unique venue (literally on the beach) and its nice lineups… wait let me rephrase that. KILLER lineups. 

You can feel a wave of nostalgia with The Killers, jump up and down to Zedd or rap every verse with Kendrick. The fun is infinite. Not only does this festival provide eclectic artists but it is a venue unlike any other. Step in the ocean between sets or hop on the iconic beach swing for a picturesque moment. While you're dancing around in the sand with your friends listening to ODESZA - you will realize this is a once in a lifetime experience that can never be replicated. Broaden your music festival horizons in 2018 and see what the hype is all about. Tickets go on sale tomorrow!

If this wasn't convincing enough, check out their website for more information below!