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If being a DJ performing in front of a crowd of thousands has always seemed like an unreachable dream, you may be in luck. Harmonix, the developer behind Rock Band and Dance Central, is back with their latest music game, Fuser. The NC soft-published game allows players to explore the world of mixing music in front of a massive festival from the comforts of their own home. 

Where the previous games released from the same developer required the player to obtain a special controller, Fuser stands apart by allowing you to use your standard gamepad. Become the DJ hero you've always wanted to be with a simple, one-time purchase. Those who access the game will have over 100 songs to mix at their fingertips.

The user will have four decks to control with very few restrictions stopping you from throwing down what you please. From Billie Eilish to Fatboy Slim, your sets are at the helm of your own creativity. Your only mission: keep the crowd hyped. 

An interesting aspect of the game is this crowd pleasing portion. One of the most commonly voiced complaints of DJs (unless they're open format) is song requests. The main idea behind the gameplay is that festival attendees will DM their requests during your set, asking for new genres and music from specific decades or artists. They start off easy but soon build and become very targeted. From the sounds of it, you have to be able to keep up with these requests - something many real life DJs despise. 

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Because most players purchasing the program will more than likely not have a DJ background, the developers have set up Fuser to automatically smooth out the transitions from track to track. However, this does not mean matching bpm is out of the equation in the more challenging settings. The user is even allowed to add in their own instrumentation and custom beats. 

While previous Harmonix games had you battling for glory, with Fuser you start off playing at stages that look to be at festivals on the caliber of Tomorrowland or Electric Daisy Carnival. Each stage you move to will require the player to tailor their mixes to the crowd. Just as in real life, a 3:00 PM set will call for something different from a 3:00 AM set. 

That's not all. Players will also be allowed to team up with friends with a multiplayer feature. You can collaborate on tracks, and maybe even go back to back? Gamers have the option to go into freestyle mode, arranging and recording mixes and sharing with others. 

Harmonix product manager Daniel Sussman has explained that just as in previous games from the developer, Fuser is not meant to replace learning the art in a classical sense. It's meant for entertainment, but there's no denying it does work as a great introduction to the world of mixing and may help people hear music in a different way. 

Fuser will be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC this fall. Harmonix will bring the game to PAX East this upcoming weekend, where attendees will get the chance to test out the new interface.

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