Hardstyle legend Headhunterz is cultivating the next wave of producers in the genre he helped to define.

The Dutch veteran has announced the impending launch of "The Art of Production," a masterclass in which he will teach aspiring producers how to create hardstyle music. Young artists will be able to upload their music into the interactive digital platform and receive personal feedback from Headhunterz, who will offer his expertise in limited capacity live sessions.

Headhunterz sees the projects as a way not only to usher in a new era of hardstyle, but also to give back to the genre that shaped his illustrious career. "The path to learning to produce Hardstyle is a unique path that comes with it’s own challenges," he said in a press release.

"By personally guiding people on the path that I have been on myself for over 15 years, I see an opportunity to share invaluable insight that will help upcoming producers speed up their learning process and let their creative potential flourish by overcoming obstacles that keeps them from letting their ideas come to live in the way they have it in mind."

You can sign up for Headhunterz's "The Art of Production" course here.


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