In an interview with GQ Australia, Flume opened up about the growing pains of his meteoric rise and the intent behind his latest long-form project Hi This Is Flume released earlier this year. 

Flume (real name Harley Streten) is still somewhat new to the public eye. In many respects it's hard to believe his career-making album Skin came out only two years ago. Streten's rise from the success of his debut album took him by surprise. The Australian artist candidly opened up about the success of his foundational project and how it's come to influence his work since. 

Streten states the success of Skin came with the setting of unsustainable precedents. Streten ultimately feared nothing could top his foundational work, and the pressure began to mount. When it came to packaging his most recent longform project, Hi This Is Flume, Streten ultimately found relief in labeling it a mixtape. 

“I didn’t really want to do an album because I feel more pressure with albums, so calling it a mixtape made it feel less important and less serious", Streten told GQ. Incidentally, the mixtape is achieving equally prolific praise, even netting Flume a Grammy nomination for 2020.

For Flume, however, the virtue is in the practice. The "Rushing Back" producer found value in the experience and seems to be brushing off the pressures he once faced of not living up to his previous work. 

Ultimately Streten states he's feeling "more comfortable about making another record," perhaps a sign we'll be hearing more from Flume in the near future.