As we all do our best to flatten the curve during the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism is just one of many factions taking a massive hit. Ibiza, the epicenter of club culture, is the next domino to fall. Officials have announced plans to close with hopes of slowly reopening in August to comply with the social distancing regulations. According to a report out of the region, a closure of this magnitude will have lasting effects on the economy of the nightlife capital. 

Clubs like Ushuaïa, and , among other venues, will not be open for business this summer until further notice, leaving over 3,000 workers unemployed. Minister Iago Negueruela has said he hopes to see tourism opening back up around August, projecting to return to 25% of what it was that time last year.

Resident DJ/producer Darius Syrossian helped to break down the article via Twitter.

In brighter news, those who still wish to experience the beauty of Ibiza nightlife may get the chance to do so virtually. Yann Pissenem, the legendary nightlife entrepreneur behind iconic nightclubs Ushuaïa and Hï, announced a partnership with Sensorium Corporation in his mission to solidify a place for electronic music in the technological clubbing world. Through the partnership, Pissenem will create the "Planet of Music," bringing on board ten of the world's top electronic music artists. While virtually attending a night club may pale in comparison to the real thing, it's the best we are going to get during these trying times. 

H/T: Global Dance Electronic