In a brazen defiance of Ireland's lockdown policy, a group of organizers are promoting an illicit St. Patrick's Day event that they say will not be discovered by law enforcement. 

Social media accounts on Instagram and Snapchat promoting the "Paddys Day Lockdown Rave" have captured the attention of thousands. In an attempt to thwart the possibility of being fully removed from social media, the group has created backup accounts to continue publicizing the event. The organizers state the location of the forthcoming event will be given out 12 hours before its kickoff, which is scheduled for 3PM on March 17th, 2021.

"We just have to be safe. The warehouse picked out for the event can hold up to 5,000 people and will be in the north Kildare/Dublin area," organizers wrote in one post. They claim over 300 tickets going for €20 each have already been sold.

Near the end of December, a spike in COVID-19 cases caused the country to extend its Level 5 lockdown restrictions. Those regulations are in effect until at least March 5th, but many expect they will once again be extended.

Source: Dublin Live



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