Illenium has opened up about his own struggles with addiction in the past, but perhaps not in as vivid of detail as today. The Denver DJ/producer has partnered with Vevo on an installment of their Vevo Originals series titled "Illenium - Three Thoughts on Addiction."

The video is broken up into three parts that average a little over one minute apiece. In the first, Illenium (real name Nicholas D. Miller) talks about the overdose that led him to get sober and how it eventually led him to music. The second part sees him talk about the inspirations behind his 2018 single "Take You Down," and in the third he talks about how music gave him a community that helped him along on his road to recovery.

Miller has reached superstar status over the past few years for his serene style of future bass/melodic dubstep. Most recently, he delivered a remix of Halsey's "Without Me" that was received quite well by both of their fan bases.

Illenium continues his world tour with a set at Creamfields Shanghai this weekend. The specific date of his performance has yet to be announced.