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Illegal gatherings have been on the rise in recent weeks in both the United States and Europe amid the continuance of COVID-19 restrictions around public events. 

One such gathering took place in Oslo, Norway over the weekend, where an estimated 200 attendees partied in a private, secret bunker. The incident nearly turned fatal, however, for several attendees, who were hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning in the immediate aftermath of the event.

When emergency vehicles arrived on the scene, seven patrons were lying unconscious. Portable generators used to power the stage's lighting and sound system are the suspected source of the leak with one unnamed attendee commenting that this particular event was the largest in scale to occur in the "Rave Cave" in several months. 

Upon arrival, Lars Magne Hovtun, of Oslo's fire and rescue department, assessed oxygen levels and reported a level of just 16%. The minimum safe concentration is 19.5%."The risk of suffocation was just one of many things posing a life-threatening situation," Hovtun stated. 27 people on the scene were found to have been poisoned. Five were hospitalized in critical condition, including two police officers, but their conditions have reportedly improved since their arrival late Sunday night.

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According to local reports, the company that owns the bunker is not claiming responsibility for the incident and has condemned it as a "serious break-in."

Source: Resident Advisor



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