Jabs to the current United States’ governing administration have come from all over the place - from celebrities, foreign leaders, various media empires, and authors. Among those triumphant personalities is Moby, who is most certainly not fond of the Trump Administration. His most recent jab is his “In This Cold Place” music video.

The music video is chock full of current worldly issues that contain our favorite childhood animated characters such as the Care Bears, Thumper and his friends, and He-Man. Moreover, it depicts the sad reality of animals, particularly the part at 2:08 about the cow giving birth to handful of calves and having its milk pumped with the animation of the dog and its money eyes and droopy face shortly after. The end of the video pans out of a destroyed, non-salvageable city because of the elite’s movement and morals - something that won’t just be an animation if we don’t act now.

Moby has never been one to be silent on political topics, especially with the Trump Administration. He often takes to Twitter to vent. It’s quite often he voices his opinion and disgust towards the leader of the free world. Shortly after the United States’ presidential election results came out, Moby penned a letter of distaste at the results, which you can read on Billboard here.

“Working on ‘In This Cold Place’ and ‘Are You Lost In the World Like Me?’ with Steve Cutts has been a creative highlight for me. He’s such a great animator and activist, and I’m so happy he agreed to make these two videos,” says Moby.

Watch Moby’s controversial “In This Cold Place” music video below.

H/T: MixMag