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As cryptocurrency grows more valuable than ever, electronic music luminary Jauz is set to ride the wave. In partnership with crypto community Rally, Jauz is launching his own exclusive token, $BTX Coin.

With an artist-centric goal in mind, Jauz's $BTX Coin was developed to help nascent producers and performers grow by releasing music, offering them valuable exposure, and even granting the opportunity to collaborate with him. Fan benefits will include exclusive audio and video content, merchandise giveaways, meet-and-greet opportunities, and VIP access to events.

Watch Jauz dive into his ambitious new crypto venture below in an exclusive interview for

Within the $BTX Coin ecosystem, artists will be able to collaborate and be submitted for potential inclusion on Soundtrack by Twitch, allowing them to feature licensed music in their livestreams and helping them to be discovered more easily by viewers.

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That will all take place via a standalone website launched by Jauz and inspired by his "Demo Roulette" Twitch streams, wherein artists can upload music to be heard by the community. Every Monday, Jauz will select tracks to be placed on a leaderboard, where fans and artists will then vote for their favorites. Winners will be selected for exclusive prizes, such as releasing music on Bite This Now—a new sub-label of Jauz's flagship Bite This banner—or even a collaboration with producer himself.

Fans and artists will be able to boost their favorite selections using $BTX Coin, leveling the playing field for all artists—even those who weren't personally chosen by Jauz. Those who are selected to release on Bite This Now will see their music released royalty-free and submitted for potential distribution to millions of content creators in partnership with Soundtrack by Twitch, the rights-cleared music hub from the streaming giant.


Jauz has launched his own cryptocurrency called $BTX Coin, which will be available via Rally.

“The future of music is collaborative, open-source, and DIY,” Jauz told “Dance music has always been an interactive genre, but establishing our own economy will help bring the community closer together and create new experiences. We’re excited to work with emerging artists and fans to drive music forward."

More information will be available when the token officially launches tomorrow via Rally.





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