John Acquaviva is the latest DJ to test positive for COVID-19. In a new CBC story, Acquaviva recounted that while he first started experiencing symptoms consistent with the illness around March 10th, it took until March 19th for him to finally be tested.

The Canada-based DJ had tried to obtain a test much sooner, although that process proved rather difficult.

"I kept saying to my doctor 'Hey, I travel. If anyone should be tested, it should be me because I tick off all the boxes,'" Acquaviva remembered. At that point, the advice the DJ received was to continue to stay home, although he had already been quarantining by that point.

By March 16th, Acquaviva had developed yet another symptom, a dry cough. On that date a local assessment center was supposed to be conducting drive through testing, although after waiting in his car, Acquaviva was told there were no tests available yet.

A day later, with worsening symptoms, Acquaviva went to the ER at London's University Hospital, and on March 20th a nasal swab test confirmed he was positive.

As of an update shared on Instagram four days ago, Acquaviva appears to be in stable condition. 

Acquaviva's advice to the public? "Take This Seriously...You may be young and strong, but remember your community, so don't be cynical."