KFC heiress Kaila Methven launched her Madame Special K line of festival-inspired couture lingerie at the end of 2019. Aiming to introduce affordable fashion and couture to dance music festival community, Methven wanted "all festival-goers to have the opportunity to look as good as they feel while they're having fun and enjoying the music they love so much." 

The playful, vivacious and vibrant line is now on sale on the Madame Methven website and can be pre-ordered here. From gorgeous cropped jackets to tulle attachments, each of these sequinned pieces has a striking personality of its own. EDM.com sat down with the boss lady of Madame Methven earlier last year to discuss the inspiration behind the EDM-inspired line and for an exclusive interview

Kaila Methven

Kaila Methven

Kicking off 2020 on the right foot, the eclectic entrepreneur with a heart of gold has launched the Madame Methven PLUR Association in support of the LGBTQ+ Community. PLUR is the acronym for “Peace Love Unity Respect” popularized by NYC techno figureheads Frankie Bones and Adam X in the '90s. The organization aims to acknowledge each of those values by recognizing the need for respect, diversity, inclusion, equality and a sense of unity for all, across genders and sexual orientations, in the workplace. 

The Independent Contractor Program primarily assists and helps the unemployed and disenfranchised members of the LGBTQ+ community, the domestic violence survivor community of both men and women, and the sober living community. Methven wants the association to provide them with a professional venue to find employment, rebuild lives in a healthy and productive environment, and gain financial freedom and stability. 

In addition to offering the community help with getting a job in the lucrative fashion industry, the PLUR association will also donate a percentage of the proceeds. Utilizing Madame Methven's cutting-edge fashion and accessories line as the means to create these jobs, PLUR's Independent Contractor Sales Agent Program will offer flexible hours and is designed for its participants to work independently and remotely.


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