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One of dance music's most celebrated collaborative sagas is initiating a fresh creative chapter under a new name. 

Kaskade and deadmau5 fired up the rumor mill yesterday when both artists took to social media to post a trio of color gradient snippets to Instagram. At the time, no one had any idea what to expect, but now it's safe to say they've over-delivered on the big reveal.

The "I Remember" co-producers have formalized a creative partnership under a new alias, Kx5, and their first track "Escape" (with HAYLA) is set for release in March. Kaskade and deadmau5's collaborations have historically been regarded as some of dance music's untouchable crown jewels, from "Move for Me" to "Beneath With Me."

With the announcement of Kx5, the two are signaling there's likely a lot more in the pipeline where those timeless releases came from.

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We realize the next question on your mind is probably, "When can we expect the live debut of Kx5?" Luckily, the two superstars aren't beating around the bush. Kx5 are slated for a massive debut on one of the biggest stages in electronic dance music, EDC Las Vegas.

The dawn of Kx5 will be arriving in short order. Stay tuned for the full release of "Escape" on March 10th.







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