As detailed in an interview with the now-defunct blog BIGSTEREO, in 1986, a man was driving his Ferrari Testarossa and was tragically killed in a car accident. Not long after, he rose from the dead, returned to his iconic vehicle, and became the undead French producer we know as Kavinsky.

Since the release of 2013's OutRun album, fans of the fabled synthwave and French house producer and even just the retrowave aesthetic itself have been praying that he'd make his return. Luckily, those prayers have been heard and Kavinsky officially revealed that his first album in eight years is coming soon.

While details are scarce at the time of this article's publication, Kavinsky recently took to Twitter to share a picture that appears to be album art with the caption "Reborn" and the words "the story goes on." While this fueled speculation in and of itself, he confirmed the notion of a new album by updating his bio to say "NEW ALBUM COMING SOON."

For the unacquainted, Vincent Belorgey created this character in the mid-00s and is widely considered one of the most influential synthwave acts of all-time.

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At the time of writing, a title or release date for Kavinsky's follow-up to OutRun has not been announced. 




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